Who are we?

Patient in Focus is a disease-neutral nonprofit patient organization that is different, because we are patient experts who work to ensure that you as a professional through knowledge, access and method can come first in the line in patient involvement, where we educate the industry and health professionals to influence better outcome.

Patient in Focus

Patients from all over

The world


Patient in Focus are your choice in patient engagement. We know the patient because we are patients and can hand-pick the right patients for your project – both  lay patients and patient experts to influence your outcome.

First in line

Patient in Focus helps healthcare professionals, researchers and the industry become “first in line” with the early involvement of patients to ensure that the patient’s experience and perspective are included before any decisions are made.  Do you and your team want to be “first in line”? Get information here.

Patient 365

Listen – See – Learn disease neutral education called, “Patient 365” and about knowledge from patients to the professionals. You get tools that can be implemented quickly and make a huge difference for you and your team. Knowledge that can only be acquired by knowing patients, relatives and loved ones.

Premium access

Get help to involve patients in your project / research. Get your questions answered through early patient involvement as it can save you a lot of money translating into project focus and questions. When Patient in Focus supports you, you support patients.

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Patients access is a

HUGE problem

Access to patient from us

As patients, we know that the patient’s perspective and experience can make a big difference if it’s just been incorporated into the project. The sooner the better. One can NOT involve patients prematurely.


Patient in Focus has 2 professional membership options, Prepared Diamond and Diamond and offers the healthcare industry a unique opportunity to be on the forefront of what is happening in the patient world, gain helpful insights and connect with patients.


Patients must be part of all patient related projects to ensure authenticity, understanding and relevance – from thought to end of lifecycle. Patient contribution can confirm aim, ensure product/service usability, and solve access challenges.


Through our connections, we have 30 countries globally with access to more than 30,000 patients, caregivers and relatives including the Americas, Canada, China, Latin America, Europe, the Commonwealth and Australasia.

”Patient in Focus fandt hurtigt nogle meget relevante patienter til et fokusgruppeinterview. Patienterne kom med nogle rigtigt gode refleksioner, som jeg kunne bruge i mit videre arbejde med at efteruddanne farmaceuter i mødet med patienter.”

”I forbindelse med efteruddannelse af farmaceuter havde jeg brug for input fra patienter omkring, hvordan de oplevede det at være på et apotek. Jeg kontaktede Patient in Focus, som hurtigt fandt de rette patienter. Det var utroligt nemt, jeg skulle bare sætte tid og sted for interview, så sørgede Patient in Focus for resten.”

Trine Graabæk Hansen, Syddansk Universitet

“Thank you very much for your presentation and excellent roundtable in spite of all your health issues, and I know this required so much effort and stamina from your side.

This was a really impactful event, and we have been just chatting with the organizer team in the background, how impressed and speechless we are.

We got the message.”

Ildikó Herenyik, Medical Innovation Manager, GE Healthcare

“Thanks to Patient in Focus, I have had the possibility to share my feelings and experiences in my life as a patient. Also, I truly believe that we have the responsibility to change when we have the chance. The cooperation between patients and professionals is important and Patients in Focus gives me that opportunity to do my part.” 

Peter, diabetes patient, Denmark