Who are we?

Patient in Focus is an international disease-neutral nonprofit patient organization  that has set out to revolutionize how the industry utilizes patient engagement.  

We are unique because we in fact are patients ourselves, and therefore have an in-depth insight into what it truly means to be a patient. 

We are patient experts because we live it every day, and work hard to ensure that you as a professional can secure better outcomes through patient engagement where you gain invaluable knowledge and insights. 

Proff web front


Patient in Focus should be your number one choice for patient engagement. 

We know patients because we ourselves are patients and can therefore hand-pick the right patient participants for your project – both lay patients and patient experts to secure the best outcome for you. 

First in line

Patient in Focus helps healthcare professionals, researchers and the industry become “first in line”

Early patient engagement ensures that the patient’s experience and perspective are taken into account before any decisions are made. 

Do you and your team want to be “first in line”? Get more information here.


Patient in Focus works closely, both abroad and at home with a number of organizations, authorities, the pharmaceutical industri and patient associations. 

We are registered with the European Commission and can participate in research projects throughout Europe and USA.


Patient in Focus’ registry, through our connections includes 100 different countries, and access to more than 30,000 patients with 130 diagnoses. 

We work with all types of patients and their relatives and caregivers. In America, Canada, China, Latin America, Europe, the Commonwealth and Australasia.

Access to patients through Patient in Focus

As patients, we know that the patient’s perspective and experiences can make a huge difference. 

Especially if you incorporate them into your projects early on. 

The earlier the better. 

One can NOT engage patients to soon.

Ask a Patient

Have you ever said:
“I wish I could just ask a patient quickly”?
Well now you can! 
Patient in Focus helps close the gap by offering you the opportunity to talk to patients on a regular basis through our LIVE Ask-a-Patient events. Here you can ask patients any question that could help you move in the right direction – on the spot.

Patient 365

Listen – See – Learn.
We also provide a disease neutral education called, Patient 365 which provides you – the professional, with insights and valuable knowledge from patients. 

You gain tools that can be implemented quickly and will make a huge difference for you and your team. This knowledge can only be acquired by engaging patients, caregivers, relatives and loved ones.

Premium access

We’ll help you to engage patients in your projects/research. Get your questions answered through early patient engagement.

Doing this can save you a lot of money which will free up resources and provide more project focus. When you engage and support Patient in Focus, you engage and support patients.

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