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Patient in Focus is part of Patient-centered communication at Danish pharmacies, where the staff’s competencies within patient-centered communication are based on the psychological principle of ‘mentalisation’.

Researchers from the WHO Collaborating Center have together with researchers from the Department of Nordic Studies and Linguistics from the University of Copenhagen, the Research Unit for Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacy, University of Southern Denmark, Pharmacon, Patient in Focus, Groningen University and the Netherlands Department of Health Research Health of EUR 490,852 to develop and test a new in-service training for pharmacy staff to tackle drug-related problems. ”

Maybe you think it sounds exciting and such a project you would like to be a part of, so write to us or hop on our platform (link in personal profile) and read more.

We can tell you that it makes a difference for many, and we are happy to help you be able to participate in future projects like these.

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Kan kun læses med kodeadgang:
KUnet DA: https://kunet.ku.dk/nyhedsrum/nyheder/Sider/New-project-grant-on-patient-centeredness.aspx

KUnet ENG: https://kunet.ku.dk/newsroom/news/Pages/New-project-grant-on-patient-centeredness.aspx

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