EIT Health, University of Copenhagen and Patient in Focus

Health development is more and more becoming about patient centered learning. It is not something that came out of the blue. It is about time we as patients fight for what we want and talk openly about what is good and bad in our healthcare system so that positive improvements can continue. It is therefore a great pleasure to announce that Patient in Focus is an active partner in an EIT Health funded project led by the University of Copenhagen, which does just that: putting the patient in focus.

Patient in Focus participates in the development of the new training targeted at pharmacists and pharmacist technicians in Denmark and the Netherlands (with the hope that it will be transferred to more European countries later). The aim is to reduce drug related problems for patients who take more than 5 medications. The training will train pharmacy staff in using ‘mentalization’ as a communication tool to increase patient understanding and communication. The education will be available at Pharmakon in Denmark and the Netherlands Institute of Health Services Research in the Netherlands.

Patient in Focus has engaged several patients in this project and has given their opinion, given praise and criticism, and made a long wish list of how to improve communication and the general experience at the pharmacy.

Read the official announcement from University of Copenhagen here: https://pharmacy.ku.dk/news/2021/new-project-grant-on-patient-centeredness/

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