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We are patient experts who create a society that supports patients in becoming proactive in their own lives and takes responsibility so that they can live a life of quality despite chronic illness, pain and disability.


Patients need knowledge and tools to gain quality of life. If patients receive help to find new purposes in life, the disabling feelings of loneliness that often come along with health issues can be prevented.

Patient in Focus offer patients education and knowledge sharing.

Through counseling and a strong patient community, we can create life-changing purposes in the new living conditions as the chronically challenges, maintain a form of active involvement in society and thus enhance the joy of life.

We want to give patients faith in themselves and the future.

Patient in focus with ❤️ in the right place.


Patient in Focus is a nonprofit organization, working for patients by patients. We create natural respect for the organization by being professionally based and at the same time communicating at the same eye level and be in dialogue about honesty, presence and engagement.
Charlotte Nørgaard
Charlotte NørgaardCEO
Co-founder af Patient in Focus
Lisbeth Snede
Lisbeth SnedeChairwoman and COO
Co-founder af Patient in Focus
Mona Skrivee
Mona Skrivee
Fundraising & Communication


Patient In Focus is an international disease neutral patient organization.
We work with patient perspective, involvement of early patient engagement and organization / coordination of patient engagement / patient perspective.

Patient in Focus helps healthcare professionals, researchers and industry to become “first in line” with the early involvement of patients to ensure that the patient's experience and perspective are included before all decisions are made.

Knowledge can acquired only by talking to patients.


Knowledge can acquired only by talking to patients.

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Patients are educated in industry and healthcare

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Listen - See - Learn disease neutral teaching.


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Knowledge - Access - Method
is the way forward

Gain perspective and patient insights on what matters most to the patient (your end-user) and use this knowledge to design or construct your solution.

With the professional support from Patient in Focus, you are already engaging in early patient engagement

When Patient in Focus supports you, you are supporting the patients.

We are convinced that we can create life-changing purposes in the living conditions of chronically ill and disabled and retain (or renew?) Some form of active involvement in society and thereby strengthen individual well-being - all of which happens through early patient involvement . Get answers to your questions by involving patients early on, save a lot of money and stay focused on your project.

Get answers to your questions by involving patients early on, save a lot of money and stay focused on your project.


We know the patient because we are patients and can hand-pick the right patients for your project - both "raw" patients and patient experts.

Patient In Focus offers insightful training for professionals, patient recruitment and knowledge sharing with access to more than 21.000 patients Worldwide representing more than 120 diagnoses.


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“Patient in Focus quickly found some very relevant patients for a focus group interview. The patients came up with some really good reflections that I could use in my further work to train pharmacists in the meeting with patients. ”

“In connection with in-service training of pharmacists, I needed input from patients about how they experienced being in a pharmacy. I contacted Patient in Focus, who quickly found the right patients. It was incredibly easy, I just had to set the time and place for the interview, so Patient in Focus took care of the rest. ”

Trine Graabæk Hansen, university of southern, Denmark