25 11, 2021

Be a part of a virtual, scientific advisory board


Do you want to be a part of af virtual advisory board? Patient in Focus is looking for follicular lymphoma patients, caregivers and patient advocates to participate in a virtual, scientific advisory board to start February or March 2022. The advisory board seeks to gain advice and insights from follicular lymphoma patients, [...]

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22 11, 2021

Join the Patient Council


Make a difference for everyone and join the Patient Council English Seeking diabetes patients with kidney problems for patient council. Purpose: To share your experiences with diabetes and kidney disease, treatment and care so that new [...]

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21 09, 2021

EIT Health funded project led by the University of Copenhagen


EIT Health, University of Copenhagen and Patient in Focus Health development is more and more becoming about patient centered learning. It is not something that came out of the blue. It is about time we as patients fight for what we want and talk openly about what is good and bad in our healthcare system [...]

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10 09, 2021

Nyt forskningsprojekt med EIT Health


I denne uge kan Patient in Focus-teamet fortælle at vi bidrager til et EIT Health-finansierede AI-projekt. Projektet hedder  “HelloAI”, hvor vi tilføjer patientperspektivet og giver patienterne en stemme – og forhåbentlig gør deres projekt endnu bedre. HelloAI Professional giver den væsentligste, mest omfattende indsigt om AI -teknologi, der er nødvendig for at hjælpe sundhedsfaglige og [...]

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20 01, 2020

Generalforsamling 2020


Patient In Focus holder Generalforsamling d. 8 februar 2020 kl. 10 Har du lysten til at deltag, skriv til info@patientinfocus.dk Vi glæder os til at se dig til en spændende dag.   Kærlig hilsen Patient In Focus

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