Our mission is for people with chronic illnesses and disabilities to experience being part of a spaciousness community with a valuable community where they can gain knowledge and contribute experiences that help everyone live the best possible life.

Patient In Focus provides knowledge that creates value.


Patients in Focus creates a safe environment where the individual is listened to, and where patients can learn from each other's experiences and help each other.

Patients in Focus arbejder for tidlig patientinddragelse, så patienters helt særlige perspektiver, viden og erfaringer kommer aktivt og relevant i spil, så vi udvikler vores samfund til at være så inkluderende over for personer med kroniske lidelser og handicap.

Vision is driven by our values.

Our focus is on Sustainable Development Goals number three (3), which deals with healthy living and well-being and based on this, we help health professionals to understand patient priorities and experiences of living with a disease / condition. At the same time, we work across diseases and address the entire patient community on cross-cutting issues that enable disease-specific organizations to focus on their area of expertise.

We do this by ensuring a healthy life and promoting well-being for all age groups, you can read all Sustainable Development Goals here:


We are Credibility, Respect and Involvement.

To be trustworthy is a shared value in Patient in Focus and a central part of what we say and do.

Trustworthiness is the biggest and most important asset that we safeguard and maintain. We do that by working from a knowledge and evidence-based starting point with the ambition that Patient in Focus will give patients back the faith they have in themselves for the future, and improve the conditions despite and disability. We are aware that trustworthiness is an essential precondition for the support and for the success of translating our attitudes and knowledge into actions.

We create a natural respect for the organization by keeping propriety as our beacon, by being professional well-functioning, and at the same time communicating at eye level about honesty, presence and commitment. We have empathy with the patient and in touch with the patients, because we are patients and, we act on based on what is important to them

We speak to both mind and heart and demonstrate the great commitment to the patients. To us, trustworthiness is delivering results and making a visible positive difference to those living with a chronic condition or disability.

To be Respectfull is a shared value in Patient in Focus and a central part of what we say and do.

Patient in Focus meet everyone on equal terms. We deal with the fundamental human strengths to increase the joy of life and the perceived value of the individual patient.We create a framework for a way of tacling the worries and problems that come with a chronic or long-term sufferin and disability, on how to cope with the worries and challenges that incontestably goes follows life with chronic conditions so that the patients enhance everyday life .

It is our goal that no one should be left alone in life with a chronic illness or disability.

We see the whole person behind the condition and respect the choices that that person makes. We make ourselves available with relevant offerings, support and guidance and we serve as a spokesperson based on our collected knowledge about needs and challenges.

We respect the opinions and expertise of others, and when we are given constructive criticism or challenged on our view of the world, we listen actively to learn more and adjust. We want everyone to be engaged and committed to the cause and together we can create better and more sustainable results/solutions.

To be Involvement is a shared value in Patient in Focus and a central part of what we say and do.

To Patient in Focus, involvement is a priority and an investment that contributes to us being open towards other peoples’ ideas. We listen actively and use the feedback we receive.

Involvement increases the level of quality in our work and ensures that our focus is on the most important challenges in the health sector and can act appropriately at the right time and place. We allocate the resources necessary because we know that the right amount of involvement provides value and helps us achieve the best possible outcome.

We invite patients and our members to become involved in their chronic conditions or disablity, in the community and in projects that are desperately looking for the patient’s knowledge or area of expertise – and even to become involved in the policy making of Patient in Focus.

It must be easy to get involved and engage in Patient in Focus and we must become very good at proactively and clearly to show how one might contribute and gain influence so that it is experienced as meaningful and giving journey to be a part of an active community of patient involvement.