Top 10 in patient engagement

To work with patients, you MUST know how to live as a patient. 

If you have a patient purpose, the humanities are not natural sciences, which create the right framework for patient understanding.

You will go all the way around a patient


Patients educate industry

You have received learning in patient management, but you lack the understanding of what it means to be a patient. That knowledge can be acquired only by talking to patients.

Patients educate healthcare professionals

Through Patient in Focus’ Patient Education “For Professionals”, you now have the opportunity to learn the basics from the patient perspective and patient involvement.

Patients educate professionals

We promote understanding and create the framework for successful patient partnerships in i.a. early clinical development, research, and product and service development.

A new and different patient education for professionals with unique and pioneering insights that address the important issues often overlooked:

  • How are patients thinking?
  • How do patients learn best?
  • What signs of communication should you look for and act on?
  • Why do patients say they understand when they are not?


If you still ask these questions, you lack the core knowledge of being a patient and do not communicate at their level. What would the patient tell you if they had the option?

Do you work with patients, so NOW you need to listen carefully!

Patient in Focus’ Patient Education “For Professionals” provides the answers you are looking for or need to know.

Answer as:

  • How to create eye-level dialogue with patients?
  • When and how are patients best involved?
  • How to use patient knowledge?

Professional participants acquire new knowledge about what is important when working with patients. However, far too many patients think they are not getting what they need.

Listen – See – Learn disease neutral education from patients to the professionals provides tools that can be implemented quickly and make a huge difference for you and your patients.

The education “Patient 365” is conducted in 3 modules.

Module 1 – Intro

  • 10 things to know when engaging patients
  • Advisory cards for organizational patient involvement
  • Why Patients Say One Thing and Mean Another
  • Best time to including patients
  • Methods
  • Issues and solutions
  • Case studies

Module 2 – Workshop

  • Insights into patient life in a completely new way
  • Aha moments that can change your attitude to patients
  • Safe and comfortable environmental creation that enhances patient knowledge transfer
  • Learn to communicate on patient terms
  • Optimal use of patient access
  • Improved reputation from patients

Module 3 – Planning

  • Real Life Patient Discussions
  • Why patient involvement
  • Advice for your patient involvement project
  • Patient recruitment (raw patients vs. patient experts)