We are different

Patient in Focus is an international, nonprofit, disease-neutral patient organization built by patients for patients. Our focus is on the patient. We are not your typical patient recruitment agency. We show our focus on the patients by giving them information, tools, and education as well as the opportunity to actively participate in patient engagements to enrich their lives.

We offer patients the opportunity to find new ways to cope with their disease(s) and a renewed life purpose as well as a feeling of being important, heard, seen, and respected through patient engagement. We operate with high integrity and work hard to first and foremost improve patient lives.

We work with all types of patients, their relatives, and caregivers to give professionals the knowledge they didn’t know the needed but is invaluable to them and their research/projects. We develop personal relationships with our patients, which means you get patients who truly want to participate, be active and give you honest insights to life as a patient. We give you real patients, not just an email bait campaign hoping someone bites.

Patient in Focus makes sure the match between the patient and the professional(s) will be the best it can be, to make your patient engagement activity successful. We highlight that the patient should always be regarded as a valued member of your team and project and our focus is always on the patient.

Patient in Focus gives you access to patients by offering three core services:

  1. Patient education: to manage patient involvement and patient engagement
  2. Knowledge library: information videos from professional and peer-to-peer to patients
  3. Research partnership: including active patient engagement and recruitment

This could be in the form of:

  • Patient education for professionals – adapted to your entire company or to the various departments
  • Lectures
  • Marketing included video material – we help set up and generate the right message
  • Patient advice –  from both the everyday patient and from patient experts (who can also handle clinical design, etc.)
  • Webinar – patient perspective
  • Q&A
  • ASK A PATIENT – Scientists get the patient’s perspective
    …and much, much more

We build relationships on trust and real connections.

We are not a typical recruitment agency or registry without real contact. We pride ourselves on having personal interactions with our patients. We don’t just send out an email, we talk to people.

Human interactions generate relationships. Patients trust patients – there is a common understanding you can’t get when using an ordinary recruitment agency.