Patient in Focus was pressent in Spain in April to contribute to a Reuters Pharma event. Here, we facilitating a roundtable discussion about patient engagement. 

The Event 

The Reuters Event Pharma 2023 is the world’s leading pharma conference. The event was held in Barcelona, Spain April 18- 20. The event is aimed at cross-functional companies to discuss how to innovatively drive positive change. There are expert talks on everything from patient engagement and market access to medical affairs and marketing. 

There where 1000+ attendees, 150+ speakers and 12+ hours of total networking time. 

Our Participation 

Patient in Focus has been asked to facilitate a roundtable discussion about implementing measures to ensure successful patient engagement. At this roundtable, we’ll challenge the participants on topics including: the key to effective patient engagement, how to set the scene for honest dialogue, success tools to use and much more. 

The Patient in Focus Perspective 

Many have already embraced patient engagement and use it on a regular basis, while others are still struggling to see the benefits and find effective methods to gain from such interactions. This is an area of focus for Patient in Focus and something we passionately consult professionals on from a patient perspective – because if the patient does not feel safe and comfortable, it will affect their ability to share openly and honestly with you – and you will waste your time and money. 

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